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* Live Foal Guarentee - LFG


Stud terms for Live Foal Guarantee. [LFG] 


The LFG is for a 24 hour foal that is standing and nursing. Conditions for this guarantee are as follows: 


• The mare has been Inseminated by a qualified vet or AI technician approved by DEFRA.


• The mare has been pregnancy scanned by a qualified vet before 20 days post AI and again at approx 30 and 60 days. 


• The mare has been fully vaccinated for flu & tetanus; she must also have had a full course of Herpes vaccinations. [5,7 and 9 months] 


• Where the foal has been alive, a vet must have seen the foal within 12 hours of birth. 


• All relevant paperwork will be required from your veterinary surgeon on headed Practice paper. 


• The mare has been on a regular worming programme. 


• The mare has not been exposed to other horses with known infections. 


• If your mare does not become pregnant in this breeding season, the guarantee carries for one year, providing the mare is not attempted to breed with from another stallion. 


• If the mare is competed during pregnancy the LFG becomes invalid. 


• If the mare is breeding for ET, please speak to us regarding terms. 


• The guarantee applies to the stud fee only. It does not cover any veterinary, livery or postage fees. 


• In the event that the chosen stallion is no longer available for whatever reason, you may choose another stallion of ours at stud. If at a more expensive stud fee, the difference is payable. 


• Any relevant paperwork needed from vet will be required and checked. 

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